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:: Blood Royal :: Stuff is NOW available on Second Life Marketplace

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It works now. OMG 🙂

:: Blood Royal :: Stuff is NOW available on Second Life Marketplace

enjoy and have fun



*BR* Love Swing Time

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*BR* Love Swing Time

Love is in the air!
A great touch to your yard or garden!

ForTwo or Single Version available.

Letz swing together 🙂
Touch swing on/off scripted
Realistic smooth swing!
2 single pose sits
Make nice pics!

*BR* Love Swing ForTwo – 8 Prim

*BR* Love Swing – 5 Prim

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*BR* cat tree module (nature) – Group Photo 6 Persons

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*BR* cat tree module (nature)

Hello there,
ready to relax, chill and talk with friendz?
ready to decorate your home or sim?
13 Prims only
sculpted seats
6 seats with different Poses
6 m high
make nice snapshots 🙂
give your friendz a playground.

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FISHY Ice Lounger – 5 Persons

Posted in decoration, Furnishing, Pose with tags on 2008/12/09 by Emo Biedermann


FISHY Ice Lounger – 5 Persons

Hello there,
ready to float and relax?
ready to decorate your winter sim?
8 Prims only
sculpted floating water
5 seats with different Poses

NO MODY, NO COPY – make a nice gift

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😉 Emo

Magic ice floe – Multisit 5 Poses

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Hello there,
ready to float?
ready to decorate your winter sim?
Letz go: TELEPORT to Blood Royal Mainstore

happy floating

The Berlin Wall – Pose Set

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The Berlin Wall – Berliner Mauer – Pose Set

3 person group pose
Only 8 prims
Item are *TRANSFER* – so make a great gift^^

Have fun and make great snapshots!
Group Pose for perfect moments!
Use it as cool decoration!
Make peace not war!

Thank you 😉

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DEL SOL – Banana beach shack

Posted in freebie, house, Pose with tags , on 2008/08/27 by Emo Biedermann

DEL SOL – Banana beach shack
41 Prims
mod and copy OK (you can do whatever u want)
300 LD

Hope u like it 🙂
>>make some small gallerie
>>dance with friendz
>>or do some beach party
>>decorate your beach – yaaah!

As small „special“ i make a little Pose
with Bananas 🙂
Come and get it!
Follow the beach sign ——> and check it out – grab it:

„Banana for President Twin (wear)“ 0 LD

wiwi emo

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