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*BR* V-Neck’s –> mops or kitty style :D

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Common, check this out.
—–>NEW**@ blood royal 😀
sculpted prims with resizer (easy to fit)
all layers

enjoy & have fun.
hug xoxo

t e l e p o r t :


:: Blood Royal :: Stuff is NOW available on Second Life Marketplace

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It works now. OMG 🙂

:: Blood Royal :: Stuff is NOW available on Second Life Marketplace

enjoy and have fun


*BR* Kawaii Candy Boots (sculpted)

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*BR* Kawaii Candy Boots

resize scripted
sculpted leather boots
sculpted candies
cute candy buttons (color random scripted)
muffin style patches


Visit me inworld:

*BR* Skate Helmet (unisex)

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BR Skate Helmet (unisex) Vendor small

*BR* Skate Helmet (unisex)

Time to sk8 now…

6 different textures
8 tint options
3 different hair colors included: blonde, choco & black
„only skate helmet“ also to wear
resize scripted
many skate stickers all around
menu driven

DEMOs on XstreetSL


love & peace – skate or die!!!
emo biedermann

BR Skate Helmet (unisex) Promo small

MULTI-SIM Halloween Scavenger Hunt

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MULTI-SIM Halloween Scavenger Hunt
Oct. 17 – 31, 2009

Items have been distributed over 70 sims/locations (some are  on the same sim or secret locations!)  where you can find free items donated by various SL Merchants & Designers.
An example of what you are looking for can be seen
at the info board sign: The Skull.

!! Landmarks are given for each sim on the info board !!

BR Halloween Hunter Backpack Vendor SMALL

*BR* Halloween Hunter Backpack – !!! Grab It before its Gone !!!

Happy Halloween to all of you, have fun!

There are many *Extra Prices*…please read the *Halloween hunt 2009 Rules*
BertusDebacle Bade donated 5000 L for the live singer(s)
TertiumQuid Becloud donated 3072 sqm land parcel including 3 months paid tier.
Kedryn McMillan & Sarem McMillan donated :3 months free rent on a private sim,in one of the  furnished rentals over on Outer Banks  Resort.
Deseri Payne donated a country house.
Autumn Beaver  donated  a bedroom set
Sugababe Duport donated An old fashioned western  wedding Service
Victorianlace Nightfire &  Heyrd Morgwain donated they time and items for use for the wedding over in Kansas.

Walltattoos – Wallsticker PACK – PROMO PRICE!

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BR Walltattoo Promo

Walltattoos – Wallsticker PACK – PROMO PRICE!

You can edit them however you want,
to make them look awesome!
Put this Tattoo on a wall in your Home.
It has a transparent Background
It is copy and mody.
1 Prim each, full copy!



Happy Halloween, have fun 🙂
hugs, emo

BR Walltattoo Vendor SMALL

Pretzel Hunt & Picture Contest !

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Pretzel Hunt Poster

Presented by:

When: Sept. 12 – 27, 2009

Number of pretzel baskets: 102

Starting location: BERLIN Brandenburger Tor

Link/Info: SLinfo Pretzel Hunt Tips & Tricks

Picture Contest:
You have found the last Basket of Pretzeln? Congratulations!

If you like, you can now join a picture contest. All you need to do is, to take a picture of yourself with one of the objects you found at the Hunt.

Please drag the Picture (full perms) into a notecard, rename the notecard with „SLinfo Pretzelhunt < Your Name>“ and then, drop the notecard into the mailbox at the beachclub of the SLinfo HQ.
Please just one picture per avatar (As well no Alts)

You can win money, something that everybody likes .

1. Prize: 2000 L$
2. Prize: 1000 L$
3. Prize: 500 L$
4.-5. Prize: each with 250 L$
6-15. Prize: each with 100 L$

The winners will be choosen by drawing lots, the lot number equates to the order of delivery of the pictures.
Drawing will take place at the beachclub at Sunday, 27th of September 2009 at 1 pm SLT.
I wish lots of fun with picture taking!
For any questions please IM Kila Shan (german) or Sushischwester Swindlehurst (english)