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:: Blood Royal :: Stuff is NOW available on Second Life Marketplace

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It works now. OMG 🙂

:: Blood Royal :: Stuff is NOW available on Second Life Marketplace

enjoy and have fun



!! Cool Summer Sales !!

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Cool Summer Sales banner Creative sellers

Welcome to the Cool Summer Sales!

High Quality shops and best designer offer from July 15th to August 15th an exclusive item for only 10 L$.
More infos and participants:

*Blood Royal* is selling this stuff, for only 10 L$.
Common grab it NOW!

BR Mexican Hat - Sombrero Vendor


Enjoy this event & have fun 🙂
Huggies Emo

Vendor Support Month

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Vendor Support Month BLOOD ROYAL

Vendor Support Month

June 1st to June 30th is Vendor Support Month Event and 50 vendors are participating.
The 50 participating designers will each make an example of their artistry,
purchasable for ONLY $L10.
Organized by Morrigan Denimore (The Black Canary) and Yukio Ida ([Gauze]).
Thank you both very much for that!!!

For more information about the event and to see who is participating,
please visit the Vendor Support Month blog.

Styling Card:

* ::MECHANISM:: (un)Formal Jacket #black
*Action Tutu – Yellow
*BR* Fight Club Sunglasses gold
*BR* Lady Gaga Tower Hair – black
*BR* Legwarmer Mini – Vendor Support Month gift
::Para Designs:: Free Emily Tattoo
*Muism* 20% transparency Tank top/Black
SiniStyle Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails
:GP: Sundust FREX [Dark] Vixen-Pure 2
*BR* Star Fur Puff Sneaker

BR Legwarmer Mini Vendor

Enjoy the Event 🙂

BR* Fight Club Sunglasses – Brad Pitt AKA Tylor Durden

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Fight Club Sunglasses

BR* Fight Club Sunglasses

New Release tonight**
resize scripted

gold & silver edition available!

DEMOs on Xstreet:


fight club movie trailer:

Dont fight 🙂
Love & Peace

Fight Club Sunglasses Edition

*BR* Lady Gaga Ribbon Hair

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*BR* Lady Gaga Ribbon Hair

resize scripted
sculpted ribbon
flexi hair



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Lady Gaga Shades *The Fame* designer eyewear

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Lady Gaga Shades *The Fame*

Now you can have *GaGa* right in your veins 😉
Cool fashion accessories – yaah
resize scripted
sculpted diamonds

DEMO on XStreet SL:


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*BR* Easter Bunny Ears (sculpted)

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*BR* Easter Bunny Ears (sculpted) – unisex

bunny ears to wear this Easter!
These ears have been piercings *OOAK*
Cool fashion accessories
sculpted bunny ears
4 color styles included
all are transfer, so share this with friends!
make a nice easter gift – yaah 🙂

SET includes:
*BR* Easter Bunny Ears (black)
*BR* Easter Bunny Ears (brown)
*BR* Easter Bunny Ears (gray)
*BR* Easter Bunny Ears (pink)

!!! All are resize scipted !!!

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Ears on Xstreet