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Sculpted Frames – menu driven – 8 TIKI Textures

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Texture Change Menu with 8 High Quality TIKI Textures to choose from.
Decorate your home.
3 different frame styles available!
Have fun 🙂
Make a gift *tikit tiki tiki* ❤

GRAB it on Second Life Marketplace:  Sculpted Bamboo Frame

Sculpted White Wood frame

Sculpted Dark Wood frame

:: Blood Royal :: Stuff is NOW available on Second Life Marketplace

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It works now. OMG 🙂

:: Blood Royal :: Stuff is NOW available on Second Life Marketplace

enjoy and have fun


Walltattoos – Wallsticker PACK – PROMO PRICE!

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BR Walltattoo Promo

Walltattoos – Wallsticker PACK – PROMO PRICE!

You can edit them however you want,
to make them look awesome!
Put this Tattoo on a wall in your Home.
It has a transparent Background
It is copy and mody.
1 Prim each, full copy!



Happy Halloween, have fun 🙂
hugs, emo

BR Walltattoo Vendor SMALL

*BR* Dandelion Field

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br dandelion field

Low prim, scripted *Dandelion Field* is now available!
High quality Texture.
Different particles: white glow or dandelion seeds 🙂
TOUCH on/off scripted
1 Prim per dandilion (horizontal or rounded style)

This package includes prim dandelions in 5 different styles:

special for pictures or fun:
POSE Dandelion sitting 01
POSER Dandelion sitting 02

See this product in action and teleport to:

To use, simply rez a copy of the dandelion on your land and shift+drag to create copies.
It’s easy. Touch the dandelion to show or hide particle effects.

Enjoy the Midnight Magic and make wonderful pictures.

For any questions feel free to contact me.

*BR* Pirate Dead Tree

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*BR* Pirate Dead Tree

ready to decorate your sim?
6 Prims only
sculpted tree & skull
with pirate flag
smoke comes outside the tree – woooow!

Visit me inworld:


*BR* on Xstreet


*BR* Love Swing Time

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*BR* Love Swing Time

Love is in the air!
A great touch to your yard or garden!

ForTwo or Single Version available.

Letz swing together 🙂
Touch swing on/off scripted
Realistic smooth swing!
2 single pose sits
Make nice pics!

*BR* Love Swing ForTwo – 8 Prim

*BR* Love Swing – 5 Prim

Visit me inworld:

*BR* 70s Rocking Lounger – Rocking Chair

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*BR* 70s Rocking Lounger – Rocking Chair

It rocks!
Change the chair texture to match your surrounding home/furniture.

!!!! 2 CHAIRS ONE PRICE !!!!

8 chair textures
menu driven texture changer
ONLY 7 Prims per chair
TOUCH: rocking function on/off
realistic seating design
Le Corbusier style lounger

Visit me inworld:


Enjoy 😉

Xstreet SL
(get it cheaper inworld)