Pretzel Hunt & Picture Contest !

Pretzel Hunt Poster

Presented by:

When: Sept. 12 – 27, 2009

Number of pretzel baskets: 102

Starting location: BERLIN Brandenburger Tor

Link/Info: SLinfo Pretzel Hunt Tips & Tricks

Picture Contest:
You have found the last Basket of Pretzeln? Congratulations!

If you like, you can now join a picture contest. All you need to do is, to take a picture of yourself with one of the objects you found at the Hunt.

Please drag the Picture (full perms) into a notecard, rename the notecard with „SLinfo Pretzelhunt < Your Name>“ and then, drop the notecard into the mailbox at the beachclub of the SLinfo HQ.
Please just one picture per avatar (As well no Alts)

You can win money, something that everybody likes .

1. Prize: 2000 L$
2. Prize: 1000 L$
3. Prize: 500 L$
4.-5. Prize: each with 250 L$
6-15. Prize: each with 100 L$

The winners will be choosen by drawing lots, the lot number equates to the order of delivery of the pictures.
Drawing will take place at the beachclub at Sunday, 27th of September 2009 at 1 pm SLT.
I wish lots of fun with picture taking!
For any questions please IM Kila Shan (german) or Sushischwester Swindlehurst (english)


3 Antworten to “Pretzel Hunt & Picture Contest !”

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