Sculpted Frames – menu driven – 8 TIKI Textures

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Texture Change Menu with 8 High Quality TIKI Textures to choose from.
Decorate your home.
3 different frame styles available!
Have fun 🙂
Make a gift *tikit tiki tiki* ❀

GRAB it on Second Life Marketplace:  Sculpted Bamboo Frame

Sculpted White Wood frame

Sculpted Dark Wood frame


*BR* V-Neck’s –> mops or kitty style :D

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Common, check this out.
—–>NEW**@ blood royal 😀
sculpted prims with resizer (easy to fit)
all layers

enjoy & have fun.
hug xoxo

t e l e p o r t :

:: Blood Royal :: Stuff is NOW available on Second Life Marketplace

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It works now. OMG 🙂

:: Blood Royal :: Stuff is NOW available on Second Life Marketplace

enjoy and have fun


*BR* Kawaii Candy Boots (sculpted)

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*BR* Kawaii Candy Boots

resize scripted
sculpted leather boots
sculpted candies
cute candy buttons (color random scripted)
muffin style patches


Visit me inworld:

*BR* Skate Helmet (unisex)

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BR Skate Helmet (unisex) Vendor small

*BR* Skate Helmet (unisex)

Time to sk8 now…

6 different textures
8 tint options
3 different hair colors included: blonde, choco & black
„only skate helmet“ also to wear
resize scripted
many skate stickers all around
menu driven

DEMOs on XstreetSL


love & peace – skate or die!!!
emo biedermann

BR Skate Helmet (unisex) Promo small

MULTI-SIM Halloween Scavenger Hunt

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MULTI-SIM Halloween Scavenger Hunt
Oct. 17 – 31, 2009

Items have been distributed over 70 sims/locations (some are  on the same sim or secret locations!)  where you can find free items donated by various SL Merchants & Designers.
An example of what you are looking for can be seen
at the info board sign: The Skull.

!! Landmarks are given for each sim on the info board !!

BR Halloween Hunter Backpack Vendor SMALL

*BR* Halloween Hunter Backpack – !!! Grab It before its Gone !!!

Happy Halloween to all of you, have fun!

There are many *Extra Prices*…please read the *Halloween hunt 2009 Rules*
BertusDebacle Bade donated 5000 L for the live singer(s)
TertiumQuid Becloud donated 3072 sqm land parcel including 3 months paid tier.
Kedryn McMillan & Sarem McMillan donated :3 months free rent on a private sim,in one of the  furnished rentals over on Outer Banks  Resort.
Deseri Payne donated a country house.
Autumn Beaver  donated  a bedroom set
Sugababe Duport donated An old fashioned western  wedding Service
Victorianlace Nightfire &  Heyrd Morgwain donated they time and items for use for the wedding over in Kansas.

Walltattoos – Wallsticker PACK – PROMO PRICE!

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BR Walltattoo Promo

Walltattoos – Wallsticker PACK – PROMO PRICE!

You can edit them however you want,
to make them look awesome!
Put this Tattoo on a wall in your Home.
It has a transparent Background
It is copy and mody.
1 Prim each, full copy!



Happy Halloween, have fun 🙂
hugs, emo

BR Walltattoo Vendor SMALL